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  • Brad Brock

Drilex Involved with Stearns Tavern Move

Great news report from Worcester News Tonight about the local, Worcester-area companies, including Drilex, working together on the relocation of Stearns Tavern. Recently, Drilex was involved with drilling soil samples to make sure that the soil will be strong enough so the building won’t sink.

The effort includes a partnership between the City of Worcester, Preservation Worcester, Seven Hills Foundation, Nitsch Engineering, Lamoureux Pagano Architects, and others.

Video: Worcester News Tonight

You can help support this project and learn more at Preservation Worcester's website at

The mission of Preservation Worcester is to preserve for future generations the sites and structures which are significant to the culture, history, and architecture of the city and to encourage excellence in future design.

Preservation Worcester is a private, not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods which represent the culture, history, and architecture of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Preservation Worcester believes that protecting the best of Worcester’s architectural heritage and promoting good design encourages community pride and identity.

To further its goals, Preservation Worcester works with neighborhood groups, developers, city departments, schools, and state and local historical commissions.

Drilex Environmental was established in 1995 and is one of New England’s fastest growing, premier, full service drilling and environmental construction companies. They strive to meet the ever-changing needs of clients with quality and safety as a top priority. Drilex Environmental is currently licensed to work in all of New England and areas of Central and Eastern New York State.

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