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VacMaster System 1000

Our 2006 VacMaster 1000 is the current king of Air Vacuum Extraction technology, having made a name for itself in the tough soils of New England . Mounted on a Ford 550 pickup truck, this unit is small and compact, ready to fit on any job site. The unit measures approximately 13' L x 6'8" W x 5'10" H.


This machine's primary function is to pre-clear wells and soil borings via vacuum and air-lancing, thus exposing any utilities or other underground hazards with virtually no risk of damage. It is also "DOT friendly" meaning it won't damage roadways, and is much safer to use near utilities. It is also equipped with a high efficiency absorption chamber silencer and an enclosed power head to minimize noise levels.


Equipped with a John Deere powerhouse, this machine not only vacuums the soil, but has a very powerful built in air compressor with air lance, to help loosen the soil. A two man crew running this unit can smoothly vacuum down to 5' in a matter of mere minutes. We often use this machine to reach depths of 10 to 12' - doing so many times faster than your typical 'air-knife' system.


Although rarely needed, the machine is equipped with a water jet system for use in very wet soils and clay, allowing it to easily advance to greater depths when other machines would simply quit.

The VacMaster is designed to safely and quickly return your soils directly to the borehole, 55 gallon steel drums or roll of containers. We can even vacuum your soils directly into 55 gallon drums with this machine, completely bypassing the unit itself.


Pre-clearance is quickly becoming the industry standard, required by many major oil companies, municipalities and consultants. Lower potential liabilities and satisfy your client's demands with the Drilex VacMaster 1000 System.


Some features:
  • Safest, Most Efficient Method of Pre-Clearing

  • On Board Air-Compressor / Air-Lance

  • Attachment Allows Vacuuming of Soils Directly into Drums

  • On Board Water Tank / Water Jet System

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