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CME-75 Truck Mount

The CME-75 has earned a reputation second to none for outstanding performance and reliability.  It can be mounted on a single or tandem rear axle truck or ATV carrier. Fast retract rates mean quick cycle times when adding augers or tripping out of the hole.


The dependable mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 12, 950 foot pounds of torque for auger drilling holes up to 18.5 inches in diameter.


Capable of spinning 4 ¼" - 10 ¼" Hollow Stem Augers to hundreds of feet through less than ideal New England soils, this machine is perfect for geotechnical borings, monitoring well installations of all sizes, setting of casing, bedrock coring, drive and wash, DTH and air-hammering work. This is one rugged machine that will get the job done, safely, efficiently and with limited site interference and is recommended for nearly any soil conditions.


Some features:
  • The Industry Standard in Environmental Drilling Machines

  • ODEX System

  • Full Air-Hammering / Air Rotary Capabilities

  • Wireline Rock Coring Capabilities

  • Capable of Performing Intense Well Rehabilitation/Redevelopment (2" - 12")

  • Spins Augers up to 18 ¼" in Diameter

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