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Geoprobe Handheld Large Bore Sampler

The Geoprobe Large Bore Sampler is a pneumatic / electric powered hand held direct push device, primarily used for collecting discrete soil samples and installation of soil gas points.


The unit is capable of installing shallow soil borings and soil gas points, using 2' soil liners to collect samples. It even allows for the installation of 1" PVC wells (depending on soil conditions). Perfect for basements, crawlspaces, small corners or anywhere else you can't, or prefer not to, mobilize a truck mounted rig. It is also economical for those small jobs where you just need one or two soil samples or vapor points.


When just no machine can possibly fit, this is a great alternative.


Some features:
  • Requires Only One Operator

  • Will Fit Anywhere a Person Can Safely Go

  • Perfect for Collecting Shallow Soil Samples

  • Ideal for Installation of Soil Gas Points

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