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Health & Safety. 

Drilex maintains a rigorous Health & Safety program to ensure all projects are completed in a safe manner. Safety is our highest priority and we are committed to conducting operations that protect people, property and the environment. 


We believe all injuries are preventable and work toward a goal of zero-tolerance through close oversight and other proactive approaches.

Corporate Health and Safety Policy:


It is the corporate policy of Drilex Environmental to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the protection of human health, welfare, and safety of the environment.

Drilex's Corporate Safety Program Manual documents the Environmental Compliance and Management Program of Drilex. It integrates all of the plans, programs, guidelines and training manuals of Drilex related to environmental health and safety into a single reference source.


This manual is made available to all employees of Drilex. It shall also be available to officials from government agencies, representatives of clients of Drilex, representatives of insurance companies, and other authorized personnel as appropriate.


All officers and personnel of Drilex shall follow this program while in the performance of all tasks related to Drilex operations. Any violations of the policies and procedures outlined in this manual shall be brought to the attention of the Health and Safety Manager and President of Drilex.


Our safety program includes:


  • Project Tailgate Safety Meetings

  • 40-Hour HazWoper Training

  • Annual 8-Hour HazWoper Refresher Course

  • Annual Respirator Fit Test

  • Bi-Annual First Aid and CPR Training

  • Recognition Programs

  • Annual Medical Monitoring

  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing


Site Specific Health & Safety Plans

Unique to each project, Drilex's site health and safety plans play the most significant role in preventing accidents on environmental site remediation projects. Each plan is developed specifically for the project and describes the following minimum elements: Emergency response, training and control of hazards. Prior to starting work, the health and safety plan is reviewed by each employee on the project.


Safety Supervisors

Drilex key project personnel are educated and trained in occupational health and safety with respect to site remediation and handling of hazardous materials. Site health and safety plans are reviewed by the Corporate Safety Supervisor and project staff.



All key Drilex project personnel are educated and trained in occupational health and safety with respect to site remediation and handling of hazardous materials. All of Drilex's remedial action field personnel working with hazardous materials have completed at minimum 40 hours of OSHA required Hazardous Waste Operations Training per CFR 1910.120 and annual 8-hour refresher courses under the OSHA requirements. Initial training for employees includes a combination of formal classroom training, practical exercises and team building workshops. Safety officers receive OSHA's mandatory supervisory training and annual refresher course.


All Drilex personnel hold valid, current licenses for and are thoroughly experienced in the operation of the equipment they have been assigned. All licenses and certifications are available upon request.


Compliance with Codes and Regulations

Our employees follow rigorous health and safety protocols on all projects. All operations are kept in strict conformance OSHA and other applicable safety standards with a Health and Safety Plan being developed and approved for each project prior to mobilization.


Safety Audits and Accident / Injury Investigation

Safety audits are held periodically at each project site to evaluate Drilex's health and safety performance and find ways to improve it. Performance is also improved through accident and injury investigation so that preventative measures can be taken immediately.


Substance Abuse Policy

Drilex's drug-free work place policy requires pre-employment drug screening. All Drilex employees who handle hazardous waste, operate company vehicles or heavy equipment receive an in-service drug screen during their periodic medical exam, and as part of a random program. Drilex has also implemented a confidential employee assistance program.



Drilex Environmental maintains sufficient insurance to protect both ourselves and clients from potential liabilities. Certificates of Insurance, Additionally Insured are always available upon request. Additional coverage and bonding is available for specific contracts.

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