Drilex Environmental offers both environmental and geotechnical drilling services across New England. With both truck and track mounted drill rigs as well as track mounted geoprobes, we have the equipment as well as the experience to complete all of your drilling needs. From simple to complex, we are equipped to handle almost any project. Our vacuum excavation trucks are designed to preclear locations prior to drilling to avoid costly and dangerous mistakes, such as striking underground utilities.


We possess a wide range of tooling, which allows us to perform many different drilling techniques. Whether it be shallow monitor wells or deep bedrock wells, our extensive tooling selection helps us to take on the most complex projects.

Hollow Stem Auger Drill Rigs


  • Split spoon soil samples

  • Vain sheer testing

  • Undisturbed Shelby samples

  • Rock core, ranging from 2” to 5”

  • Air hammer drilling, ranging from 3.5” to 8”

  • Packer testing

  • Large 10 ¼” hollow stem augers

  • Drive and wash casing

  • Tripod drill rig for close quarters

  • Well development 

  • Low clearance drilling

Direct Push Drilling


  • Direct push sampling

  • Soil gas wells

  • Monitor wells

  • High pressure injections

  • MIP capability

Construction Services


  • Road box and pad replacement

  • Test pits

  • Small area hot asphalt services

  • Hay bales and silt fence

  • Bollard installs

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