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CME-55LC Track Mount

Our 2006 CME-55LC is a top of the line, off-road, low clearance, track mounted drill rig - with all the power of a CME-55. When in doubt, this quality machine will get the job done.


Capable of spinning 4 ¼" - 10 ¼" Hollow Stem Augers to hundreds of feet through rough and tough New England conditions, this machine is perfect for geotechnical borings, monitoring well installations of all sizes, setting of casing, air-hammering, rock coring and drive and wash work. It is recommended for use in nearly any soil conditions.


Measuring approximately 7' W x 13' L x 12' H (when in low clearance mode) , this durable drill rig is designed to go off road, through the woods, unyielding to streams and snow, climbing up and down sharp slopes - you name it. However, with its asphalt friendly rubber tracks, the unit safe and effective on paved surfaces and inside buildings as well.


This powerhouse of a drill rig has a unique feed and retract system, allowing us to drill and set wells with only 12' of overhead clearance. Perfect for operation under station canopies, bridges, inside of buildings or when dealing with various other overhead restrictions.


This machine will get the job done when other drill rigs simply can't.


Some features:
  • Rugged Off-Road Capabilities, Capable of Traversing 50% Graded Slopes

  • Full Air-Hammering / Air Rotary Capabilities

  • Equipped with Wire-Line Rock Coring System for Core Samples

  • Drive and Wash Capabilities

  • ODEX System

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